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How it worked for me….

It is like this, this program has had a lasting effect on me and definitely helped me to change my ways. I hope to be able to pass these things along to another recovering addict, or a punk ass person like me who, great as they may be, just wanted to be a rebel without a cause. I see good in everyone, potential as well as, hard as it may be for me to look at the glass half full instead of half empty, however I believe that I am accomplishing something for the betterment of the masses. I also have gained valuable friends up in this place I once looked at as an insane asylum, although I guess a bunch of addicts under the same roof is pretty insane. To say the least I want it this time and I have met some good friends here that I probably have and will keep forever. Even at another rehab I attended this past year, I looked at the people I met as people to pass the time and expendable. I now have a different outlook, hope to be able to succeed this time as well as do with my life what I see so many other happy, successful people doing. Sharing experiences from one addict to another is without parallel.