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I learned many things here.

I learned many things here. For starters I learned that to live life, one must be able to be comfortable oneself. If you can’t learn to be you above all else, you will be and have and accomplished nothing. Through confronting I learned that good communication starts and usually ends with the eyes. I learned […]

I love my wife dearly…

Ben Q. Date: 1/23/13 I love my wife dearly and want a long, happy, and fulfilling relationship with her. It is my intent to use what I have learned in “creating a loving relationship” to help better my marriage and safeguard it.

How it worked for me….

It is like this, this program has had a lasting effect on me and definitely helped me to change my ways. I hope to be able to pass these things along to another recovering addict, or a punk ass person like me who, great as they may be, just wanted to be a rebel without […]